Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And change was among the stars.

It has been a lifetime since I had the energy and space in my mind to sit for a minute and postulate about all the things that are moving and folding and stirring around and inside of me.

I have so many thoughts, internet world.

I started writing on this blogspace in an intense need to articulate the feeling of asphyxiation from hitting a vast and lonely standstill, upon graduation, and in a devestating relationship...

But I am free now.

Everyday I rise with the sun to be a crucible, to be within a crucible, everyday I fall in to bed exausted from the hard work of making real things, streaked with dirt and bruises from a holy war against my own fear of not being good enough. And I am satisfied.

I work with steel. I work with my body. I build things. That is all I have ever wanted, all anyone ever wants:

To build something.