Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i guess pink cows make strawberry milk,

and that santa clause has to die eventually.

so finally i have a few sweet moments to recount how got to the here and now. i'm sitting at a granite ocean of countertop, surrounded by the trappings of a multi million dollar house, while its human occupants are away. we are babysitting the dogs actually. i can't remember the last time i was surrounded by so much quiet... and it is marvelous.

back in october, awaiting the return of my passionately unresolved and briefly estranged girlfriend, i was desperatley searching for jobs. having given up on the fancy corporate design jobs that the pedigree of my degree states that i deserve... i had resorted to searching temp xmas work on craigslist. yes, not only can i say it without flinching, i also check it on a weekly basis now. my work as a nude model for the plethora of art institutions was wonderful, but i knew the winter break was approaching fast, and i didn't want my relationship to suffer from my potential neediness of support in the winter months, but no matter how lowly seeming the jobs i was applying for were, the more the complete lack of ANY response was wearing at my feelings of being worth anyone's respect. until i recieved a craigslist forwarded to me by my girlfriendish.

santa clause? like, be an elf? um... i'm still young enough for it to be acceptable, and its potently ridiculous nature made it clear to me that not only was it something i should do be for i die, but that the time was now.

here are my exploits in santa land.